Corpus of New York City English

[Please see the CUNY-CoNYCE website for further details]

The Corpus of New York City English (CUNY-CoNYCE) is an in-progress project which aims to further the study of New York City English (namely, the varieties of English particular to New York City and the surrounding region), through the development and use of an innovative audio-aligned and parsed corpus of New Yorkers’ speech. The ultimate goal of the project is to combine recent advances in speech corpus development tools with the special talents and backgrounds of CUNY undergraduates to create a database that will be a resource for researchers in all areas of linguistics. An additional goal is to provide valuable research experience for CUNY undergraduates.

The Corpus of New York City English project is currently supported by a National Science Foundation Collaborative Research Award (project period August 2016 – January 2020), as follows:

  • NSF Award #BCS-1630274 (Tortora, PI, College of Staten Island [Lead Institution])
  • NSF Award #BCS-1630377 (Cutler, PI, Lehman College)
  • NSF Award #BCS-1630286 (Newman & Haddican, Queens College)
  • NSF Award #BCS-1629348 (Santorini, U. of Pennsylvania)

The project was previously funded by a CIRG 21 (Collaborative Incentive Research Grant), awarded by The City University of New York (project period September 30, 2014 – August 31, 2016).